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Gooder opportunities For A Better Future

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Overview of Our HR Recruiting Services

Gooder Career Connections provides HR talent solutions in the areas of Compensation, Executive Compensation, Total Rewards, M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) and high-level HR recruitment. We work across various industries and will collaborate with you to identify your company's needs to find the leaders with the skills and experience to lead your business into the future.

Our Specialty is HR

We have over two decades of hands-on experience in Total Rewards and Mergers & Acquisitions.  Unlike generic recruiting agencies, we are led by professionals with extensive experience in HR.

Our understanding of the intricacies of Total Rewards and M&A sets us apart, ensuring you get candidates who not only fit your requirements but exceed your expectations.


To provide our HR clients with the best Total Rewards and M&A talent quickly while minimizing time and effort on their end.


Gooder Career Connections is a proud member of the Dimensional Search network of offices and an affiliate of Sanford Rose and Associates Network.

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Recruiting Top HR Talent

We specialize in helping you hire the best Total Rewards and M&A professionals, who possess superior qualifications, and the ability and spirit to deepen relationships and grow your business.